xmCHART 3.4.3

Add visualization options to FileMaker Pro


  • Integrates very well with FileMaker Pro
  • Huge number of graphs and variables to choose from


  • Requires extensive knowledge of how to use FileMaker Pro

Not bad
FileMaker Pro is one of the easiest and most elegant database software packages you could wish to deal, with but there are few options for displaying data in graphical form.

xmCHART is a useful FileMaker Pro plug-in that allows you to create graphs of numerical data in which all important types of charts such as bar, scatter, line, area, bubble, high-Low, candlestick, pie, radar, polar and Gantt charts are supported. You get a high degree of control over how your chart is illustrated, such as with legends, backgrounds, additional text and a logo.

In terms of flexibility, xmCHART supports an impressive range of different display types, including bubble charts, polar graphs and histograms. Most of them can be displayed either horizontally or vertically and in 2D or 3D. You can preview modifications and changes, and xmCHART can even advise you where you might have placed an axis wrong or where the information you've provided does not add up.

If you're well versed in FileMaker Pro, then you'll definitely find it worth adding xmCHART to your plug-in list as a way to display your data in new and interesting ways.

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xmCHART 3.4.3

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